PRIME Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad seems hell bent to get Pekan MP Najib Razak, by hook or by crook.

Mahathir can’t forgive Najib for sure.

As the country’s 6th Prime Minister (2009 – 2018), Najib stood up against Mahathir and pushed him to the corner.

Mahathir has attacked and brought the downfall of all prime ministers while they were still in the office.

He pulled off the same trick on Datuk Seri Najib in the 14th General Election (GE14).

But not before he was sent to political wilderness, albeit momentatily by Najib’s political shrewdness.

For a while the 94-year-old nonagenarian was shaken and stirred.

Mahathir’s multiple plans to oust Najib failed to materialise.

When Najib retaliate with his own plots, a sulking Mahathir left Umno and became a political wanderer.

After much thoughts, Mahathir then decided to swallow his pride and embrace his staunch political enemies – the DAP and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He was forced to work Lim Kit Siang and Anwar, much to his chagrin.

Although it irked him, it worked in GE14.

Barisan Nasional was knocked off its perch from Putrajaya, and in came Pakatan Harapan and the return of the 4th Prime Minister Mahathir as the country’s 7th Prime Minister.

Now time for revenge without any mercy and boundaries.

No one will be spared.

Trumped Up Charges?

As for now, Najib faces 42 charges of corruption, money-laundering, abuse of power and criminal breach of trust.

Rumours claim that the BN advisor could face a further 49 similar charges!

His wife Rosmah Mansor is facing 20 corruption charges while her son Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz faces 5 charges for money-laundering.

Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, former Najib’s deputy, faces a record 87 graft charges, the highest of them all and former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman faces 51 corruption charges.

Many Pakatan supporters would welcome these charges, bragging that Mahathir is cleaning up the country.

But the truth is faraway.

Mahathir wants to send Najib, his family and his friends to jail through criminal proceedings.

Based on previous 22-year premiership, many Malaysians would bet that Mahathir would have his way.

No one can try to lecture to Mahathir and supremacy of constitution, rule of law, independence of judiciary, fairplay, sovereignty of law and fair trial.

Those who knows Mahathir will acknowledge that the two-time prime minister will abuse his power and bend all rules to achieve his agenda.

Thus, no one can blame ordinary Malaysians to assume that no matter what happens at the respective trials, the judges will convict the accuseds even if the case facts and evidences tell otherwise.

Najib-SRC Trial

Take the example of Najib’s trial pertaining to SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Strong evidences have emerged that businessman Low Taek Jho, commonly known as Jho Low had collaborated with certain Ambank officers and SRC International directors to manipulate Najib’s private bank accounts presumably for money-laundering activities.

The manipulation was carried out beyond Najib’s knowledge, let alone his consent.
Transcript of BBM conversation between Jho Low and former Ambank relationship manager Joanna Yu Ging Ping confirmed this.

This particular BBM transcript evidence was not included in the pile of digital evidences that the prosecution submitted to Najib’s defence team before the start of the trial in January.

Nonetheless the transcript was part of the full report prepared by investigators from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on BBM digital evidences obtained from communication devices seized from several Ambank officers, including Joanna Yu.

The prosecution hid the Jho Low – Joanna Yu transcript from knowledge of the court and defence because it would clear Najib from any crime.

By right, Najib should not be charged at all.

Moreover, without court testimonies from Jho Low and SRC International former CEO Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, the judge can never conclude the trial.

But hearing is going on!

This is called miscarriage of justice and mockery of rule of law, by definition travesty of the justice system.

All these are hallmarks of Mahathir’s previous regime.

Now all have returned.

Mahathir fears Najib re-emergence as a popular political leader via ‘Malu Apa Bossku’ platform.

In fact, Umno and BN now are riding on Najib’s ever growing popularity.

Many Malaysians believe that Mahathir always wanted his Mukhriz to be the next prime minister.

So presumably he doesn’t want Najib to be the stumbling block on his grand plan, hence piles of court cases.

Mahathir has always blamed Najib for the failure of Mukhriz to become Umno’s vice-president.

That’s the start of Mahathir-Najib feud.

Now Mahathir wants to avenge by sending Najib to jail forever.

Tax Arrears

Perhaps sensing that court cases may not be enough to jail Najib, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) had filed civil suit against Najib to pay RM1,692,872,924.83 allegedly owed between 2011 and 2017.

A whopping RM1.69 billion is probably the largest imposed against an individual in the country, said tax and customs law practitioner S Saravana Kumar.
LHDN filed the suit on June 25, 2019.

The legal position on taxation in Malaysia is that all due amounts must be settled before a person files an appeal.

If Najib fails to lodge an appeal against these assessments, the taxes become final and conclusive within 30 days.

However an appeal would not stop LHDN from commencing civil proceedings against a taxpayer who has not settled his or her taxes.

This is provided for under Sections 103 and 106 of the Income Tax Act 1967.

Case management for the lawsuit against Najib has been fixed for July 25.

It is learnt that the writ of summons was served on Najib as the sole defendant on July 4.

The suit was initiated after Najib failed to act on LHDN’s initial demand in March this year for additional tax assessments of RM1.47 billion.

This resulted in a 10% hike of RM147 million in April and another compounded 5% hike of RM80 million in May.

The 10% increase was imposed under Section 103 of the Income Tax Act after Najib failed to pay the initial RM1.47 billion within 30 days of the date the assessment notice was issued.

The former prime minister also failed to settle the renewed sum within 60 days under the same provision, which resulted in the compounded 5% hike.


The country’s economy definitely not doing well while value of Ringgit is ever depreciating.
National debts increasing by the day.

Public assets being sold and privatisation is back to haunt Malaysians.

But Pakatan government seems not prioritising its efforts to resolve these issues with progressive long term plans.

Putrajaya is more keen to resolve them through short term solutions, in other words, short cuts, which in long term will have serious repercussions on the country’s well-being.
Mahathir’s government is unconcerned about it though.

He is more focused to finish off Najib.

He believes once Najib has been put away, the path is clear for Mukhriz to grab the coveted premiership.

Thus by hook or by crook, Mahathir is determined to send Najib and Co to jail. – NTHQiBord,  27 Julai, 2019.


  1. Tun bertindak sangat zalim dan menghukum DSN oleh kerana kebencian bukan kesalahan. Berdasarkan perjalanan perbicaraan SRC DSN telah dilihat akan mampu membuktikan yg beliau tidak bersalah. Ini akan memalukan Tun dan bukan hanya malu kepada rakyat Malaysia malah satu dunia akan mula mencurigai kata2 beliau. Tun sgt2 takut dan tak akan mampu menerima perkara ini berlaku. Oleh itu LHDN terpaksa digunakan untuk memenjarakan kan DSN. Tun tahu DSN pastinya tidak dapat melepaskan diri kerana jumlah yg dilibatkan terlalu besar dan system undang2 nya yg memerangkap. Tun berjaya didunia.

    • Kalau bekas PM mengelak membayar Cukai pendaptan,tapi Rakyat marhein dibelenggu dengan undang2 LHDN. Mmg patut pun Najib dideclare muflis. RM1.6 billion BUKAN sikit duit

    • Engkau rasa ideologi kamu tu masuk akal tak? Apakah logikal komen kamu tu?
      Siapa langgar undang-undang, maka bersedialah dihadapkan ke muka pengadilan.
      Ini kes harapkan pagar, pagar pulak yg makan padi. Bukannya seekar dua dimakannya, nilainya berbillion2. Penyangak jenis muka tebal talam dua yg tak kenal erti MALU. Putar belit isu kaum dan agama, belakang makan quino berkumpulan. Siapa yg sengsara akhirnya. Terbuktikan?

  2. Independently, I had the same analysis in my mind and perhaps many might be having the same line of thought. O My God, this old man is evil to the very core. I pray that good heaven smiles on DSN. Falsehood might triumphant momentarily, but in the end truth will prevail. May God save Malaysia.

  3. At his long age, evil fires him, evil consumes him, evil becomes him. His is the same blood that flows in Cain, Nimrod, Pharaoh and Hitler. There will come a time when he will absolve himself from his dutiful, moronic followers. What stupid followers he has that will, in all probability, have an appointment with the Fire if they blindly follow his tune. He has made his Faustian pact knowing full well its implications. Can’t say the same thing about his drunk followers.

  4. You are entitled to your comments as others to theirs but a crime is judged in the court of law, the best that can be said about your misguided heroism for Najib and the disdain for PH is a Hooded Robin high on Ketum and was caught molesting an ustazah once. All the best, the people have judged you guys as unworthy leaders once and despite your “evil” counter-narrative, I suspect people are versed enough to give you all another kick out of public life.

  5. Malays are a bunch of greedy criminals. Money blinds them of all decency. A country that has no laws simply due to the police being the No.1 corrupt, followed by immigration and customs. All Malaysians know this. Worst country to invest in, with a people of no decent values.

    • You are a scoundrel to generalized all Malay as being easily corrupted. Other races are not huh? Other countries are free from corruption huh? Fucking idiot.

  6. Anyway, whatever people want to say, in the end the God is great. You reap whatever you had planted.

  7. This is flawed reporting. DSN was completely aware of his accounts’ activities because when his credit cards were declined in Hawaii, he told Jho Low who then texted Joanna to fix it. Jho Low is just the fixer and the “scum grease” that DSN used to conduct his dirty activities.

    • I agreed with u. Those money politic axxhxxe are clever in denials and twisting truths. Reporters can easily sent wrong messages to readers if those readers blindly read it and belief without understanding the criminals that cost the nations.

  8. Not reporting where the money came from to BNM or police and having 4 billion in his own account is juz a lame excuses…unless he is so stupid enough to let others manipulate his own account.IRB…tax will be next to make sure he will go bankcruptcy.

  9. Iya ke? Jho Low Dan pegawai-pegawai bank yang sign cheque dan guna kredit card belanja berjuta-juta ringgit? Jho Low yang beri kelulusan ambil berbillion duit KWAP? Ada nampak apa-apa bangunan, fasiliti atau aset lain hasil dari duit KWAP tu?
    Janganlah nak tipu orang ramai untuk tunjukkan Najib tu innocent. Ramai ada akal boleh fikir.

  10. Those who think Najib is innocent has not experienced in a criminal case before.

    I’ve been two cases, I’m a victim too, being used as a mule by the real culprit. But do you know, some evidence that most people might feel it’s strong but still are not enough to proof the defendant is fully innocent and not the mastermind who creates and directed the scene and those evidence.

    For instance,
    Jho Low seems to be the “real” culprit that is performing those actions without the knowledge of Najib. But how do you know it’s not actually Najib’s plan to setup Jho Low to be the scapegoat for all the crimes?

    So think about it in the sense where Najib actually planned from the beginning, don’t you feel like it’s possible too?

    So don’t just look at one side of it, this is a huge case, it should have few sides of story.

  11. AS I SEE IT!, this I fully agreed with GRANT’s comment that this page is merely Propaganda vehicle to divert court decision to free Najib from all charges!.
    Just because Jho Low and Nik Faizal has gone missing! The defence council now trying their luck to create DOUBTS and playing the blamed-game to time-buying so that Najib would have time his “TROLLS” activities….!.

    • BINGO Ahmad Haris. U got the points. I agree with u too. This will be a new Hollywood long movie show.
      1-mdb ( 1-man destroy barisan)

  12. Good! Najib and umno downfall is because of a women name Rosmah(puaka). Tun m is doing the right thing,malaysians cant forgive najib n gang,they have done a big damage to the nation.Msian were really screwed during najib’s time,the whole world were laughing at msians exspecially the western block,bankers,media.just pause n imagine its the biggest robbery in the history of mankind!Tun might ve scored quite a bit during his time for the families which any human being would ve done if they are in the same position. But rosmah n najib’s case is beyond imagination?we can develop the schools,airports,roads,we can built thousands of houses for the poor,can give better medical support to the needys,we can upgrade the police quarters,can improve our defence system,power,water,etc with the $$$ from the stolen money done by najib,zaid,rosmah,riza aziz,irwan siregar,n a lot more.please wake up. Dont be fool by the fools.

  13. I am an Australian and have no bias, but your reporting is so bias it’s not worth reading…what the whole world is against him…I have never heard at anybody abusing power like Najib, he deserves to go to jail for life!

  14. A person is guilty until proven guilty as charged!!! But yet no obselete power rangers or anyone in Malaysia can deny it or overrules overpowered it. Almighty Allah S.W.T. IS WATCHING US ALL and we ALL Malaysian will be punished with no time and anytime!!! This land was a gift and it was a blessed country. This is rich country just name it anything because of the Greed, revenge and obselete & overpower leaderships of sheep & dumb dumble dummies this country will be wreckeged & damaged & collapsed with no future!!!! Peace & love my Malaysian the Rakyat…

  15. How much are you being paid to write this nonsense…. or your hands like many others are already tainted… remember there is karma and divine justice….. if the law dont get all of you including Najis… God will.

  16. I think is not better defamation for former prime minister najib I believe najib he is sign and anchor that represent this country for Malaysia, is important to know Malaysia people, there is enemy outside for example in America and Israel always they have searched it bad news in Malaysia, otherwise we will wait the court what they will convict him after appeal, last result for court that decision believe in Malaysia people.

    • Do u remember our Msia spywoman chief under Najib’s administration asking favor frm US Govt to support Najib against PH before GE14?

      Do u remember that Najib went to America met Trump abt pumping hundred of millions ringgit into America economy? What a jokes!

  17. Hai Aathi, I do not know what’s your agenda really is but don’t be myopic and distracted with mybossku persona and be fooled as to realise who the real devil is.

  18. Dsn knows jho low yet denies it in public. how can a Pm earning rm50k amass so much money as seen from the police confiscation of rm116million 12k jewelleries n a few hundreds luxury bags.

  19. Report ni mcm nk putar belit. Bodoh sgt najib tu bagi org lain manipulate akaun dia. Rakyat yg bijak boleh fikir baik lh bro. Rakyat malaysia yg bodo aje boleh percaya awk. Berapa byk upah kau dpt utk cuci otak rakyat malaysia supaya jd bodo mcm awk ni.

  20. This site is toxic. By Najib’s cybertroopers and supported by people who enjoys being robbed blind. Such a waste of my 5 minutes going through this. I shall bar all posts from this site so that it doesn’t waste my energy deciphering the logic that is driving these imbeciles. “Manipulated by Jho Low and Ambank”!! If your bossku is that Stupid he shouldn’t be allowed to be in public office #BosskuBODOH. The bunch of you that support kleptocracy and can continue to praise Najib and Hippo while they enjoy the riches that very nearly bankrupted our beloved country. When there is no money there will be no more handouts and finally you fellas can be weaned off the benefits and try working harder for a change.

  21. Najib Razak is a confidence trickster, scammer & thief all in one. That fat cunt, Rosmah Mansur is guilty too of robbing Malaysia for her own benefits. Why are they still not in jail ?

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