KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) headed by Minister P. Waytha Moorthy has come under fire lately for dispersing public funds indiscriminately to non-government organisations (NGOs) that had no proven track record of serving the community.

The National Unity and Social Well Being Minister has claimed in a recent press conference that MITRA had allotted funds to NGOs based on their programmes and benefits to the community.

However, critics claim that many unknown newly registered NGOs had received MITRA funds when they are yet to even hold their inaugural annual general meeting and their annual accounts yet to be audited even once.

Some NGOs were found to have been registered just before receiving MITRA funds.

“Something is seriously amiss,” said Penang MIC chairman Datuk M. Nyanasegaran.

“What possible benefits would these infant NGOs have given the community? What are the programmes these NGOs have carried out for the community benefits?” asked the MIC leader.

Among the MITRA fund recipients was an unspecified NGO led by Balachandran Selvaratnam, the husband of DAP’s Sabai elected representative Kamachee Dorai Rajoo.

Balachandran’s NGO had reportedly received RM101,800 from MITRA supposedly to organise an educational and motivational programme for UPSR Indian students.

But checks revealed the NGO had not organised such programme until today.

Critics claimed that Balachandran’s NGO was registered just before it received the MITRA funds.

Although many social media users are questioning Kamachee about it, she has been strangely quiet.

Kamachee is an avid serial video maker for publicity stunts.

She will record and viral video clips on anything that would put her in the limelight.

But until today, neither she nor her husband has recorded any video clip to explain the status of the UPSR programme and the money.

“Kamachee has always highlighted herself through video clips. Why she is yet to do so regarding the MITRA funds?” asked Nyanasegaran, also MIC central working committee (CWC) member.

“Kamachee’s silence is deafening.”

MITRA, which comes under the Prime Minister’s Department, was tasked to undertake strategic actions for transformation of the Indian community in the country.

With such a tough task ahead, it’s shocking to know that MITRA has even given RM117,130 to a Tamil movie star Rajnikanth’s local fan club, Sivaji Rao Fans Club.

Critics have been asking on why a movie celebrity fan club was given such a huge sum of public money and what are the benefits gained from the allotment.

Until now Waytha Moorthy is yet to give an accountable response to public queries on MITRA funds.

So too Kamachee on her husband’s MITRA fund. – NTHQiBord, 1 Ogos 2019.

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