PREVIOUSLY Pakatan Harapan (PH), especially the DAP, was dead against the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) project in Gebeng, Pahang.

That was when they were in the opposition, hence opposed anything that was Barisan Nasional (BN) to fish votes.

Today they are singing a different tune.

DAP’s Bentong MP Tuan Wong Tack and PKR’s Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh were the most vocal politicians to protest against Lynas project prior to the 14th General Election (GE14).

Wang Tack, if one can recall, even “guling-guling atas jalan” (rolled over the street) to register his disapproval against Lynas, demanding the government to remove the plant all together from Malaysian land.

Bogus Environmentalists

Then opposition PH held protests all over the country making the demand.

The opposition representatives pointed out that the LAMP posed a real fiery threat to the environment and public health.

Unsuspecting Malaysians cheered the Pakatan’s “pro-environment” stance.

The LAMP has lighted up the people’s resolve to trigger a change to stop Lynas.

But then the voters didn’t know that Pakatan politicians were mere bogus enviromentalists.

Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad, who also joined the anti-Lynas campaign then, has recently announced that LAMP’s processed wastes, in other words its environmental and health threats, can remain in Malaysia.

Lynas is expected to have its licence renewed.

Suddenly Pakatan coalition, particularly the DAP, has gone into a silent mode, maybe soon sleeping mode.

Where are all those champions of people’s rights?

One can’t blame the PH leaders though.

After all isn’t it not LAMP has been arguably among the largest investment projects in Malaysia.

That is why the PH government plans to extend Lynas’ operations an allow the Australian firm to make money at the expense of environment and public health.

Money matters, not the people anymore.

Lost Principles

MCA publicity bureau deputy chairman Leong Kim Soon rightly pointed that the DAP-led PH had lost its so-called positions and principles hollered prior to GE14.

Formerly, he said PH and DAP objected against the Lynas rare earth refinery accusing it as posing a threat to the security of environment.

“Now that DAP has compromised its previous hardline position, going by its own standards, DAP is now sacrificing the next generation,” lambasted Kim Soon.

Eliminating Lynas from Malaysian earth was among Pakatan’s GE14 manifesto.

But didn’t PH declare that election manifesto was not a holy book that one must adhered to.

Thus PH shamelessly annuls its previous stance.

Speculations rife that Mahathir’s government would allow the Aussie firm to build a permanent disposal facility (PDF) to store and treat the plant’s rare earth wastes.

Wang Tack and Fuziah, also a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, of course are seen screaming against it.

It’s anyone’s guess that the duo could be feigning their anti-Lynas stance again while retaining their official positions.

Kim Soon said Wong Tack can only scream from the sidelines to do his level best to retain his official position. “He should be responsible.”

The MCA leader said the PH government had assumed that the environmental contamination concerns can be easily solved by the construction of a PDF.

If that was the case, he asked why then Australia with its enormous land mass, not building a rare earth processing plant within its own borders but chose a country less developed than Down Under?

“Why isn’t Australia prohibiting the return of any rare earth wastes from their own Australian-owned company?” asked Kim Soon.

“It is a sad day for Malaysia when the PH government drops all principles just to make money, and is implacable towards a loud objecting public opinion.”

The Lynas controversy reflects the French past nuke tests in southern Pacific, claiming it to be safe.

Unimpressed New Zealanders have always protested against it and demanded for the tests to be done in France.

“If it is safe, then test it in Paris” has always been the Kiwis logical retaliation.


The latest official Lynas policy adopted by Putrajaya reveals the true nature of PH politicians
Pre-GE14, they screamed and lambasted everything that was BN.

But today, they have made many U-turns to continue everything that was BN before – the cash aid welfare programme – BR1M, East Coast Rail Line (ECRL), Bandar Malaysia township and now Lynas, to mention a few.

But PH government has been good in one thing that BN didn’t embark on – selling national assets.

Those assets were accumulated by the previous BN capable government ably administered by then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

But one by one the country’s assets are being banished to vanish.

So too the country’s security and safety to environment and public health, thanks to PH latest U-turn on Lynas’ LAMP. – NTHQiBord, 10 Ogos 2019.


  1. Hahaha, najib ‘s able administration?! To steal and rob? PH would not have to sell national assets if najib has not robbed the country and if MCA has not remained silent.
    The rakyat can scold dap and PH for its u turns but definitely not the previous BN government who had also sold the nation for its own gains!

  2. “If it is safe, then test it in Paris” has always been the Kiwis logical retaliation. Really? Never heard any Kiwi say this….

  3. It is very sad to see that the people are suffering for putting PH into power. Leaders in PH, particularly, the Muslims one should be ethically and morally obliged to fulfill the promises made prior to the previous election. Malaysia’s name is sliding down as the best Muslim country. May God save Malaysia and its people.

  4. The above article by Aathi Shankar is a well-articulated one. I strongly believe that if it comes out in the mainstream media in Malaysia, it can educated many people in the so-called “New Malaysia”. I observe there is a lot of politicking going on in the country and PH is losing its focus in making Malaysia a great nation. At the moment, Malaysia is lagging behind all other ASEAN countries. The situation in Malaysia, is an advantage to its neighbors in propelling their nations towards economic growth.

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