MANY Malaysians are unaware on the principles of the rule of law that govern judicial proceedings.

They thought once a person was detained, it would be as easy as a finger snap to charge, convict and send someone to jail without proper evidence and reliable witnesses.

Under the rule of law, an accused will be presumed innocent until beyond reasonable doubt, and the onus is on the prosecution, not the accused, to prove it.

All evidences and witness testimonies must be tenable and suffice to back the prosecution case.

Any slackness would prove fatal.


The prosecution case against former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak involving government-link companies (GLCs) 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and its ex-subsidiary SRC International Sdn Bhd seems to be feeble.

Attempts by relevant authorities to cover up or conceal evidences had proven to be futile, thanks to the intelligence and genius of Najib’s defence team led by Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

Najib was slapped with total 42 corruption charges of abuse of power, criminal breach trust (CBT) and money-laundering.

The first trial was the Najib-SRC case, in which the former premier faced 7 charges – 1 for abuse of power and, three each for CBT and money-laundering.

The prosecution rested its prima facie case after 57 hearing days late last month August, and the Najib-1MDB, in which the former premier currently faces 25 charges, has now commenced.

With a whopping 42 charges over a single case, initially the prosecution was understandably confident that evidences and witness testimonies were strong enough to convict and imprison Najib.

But now it is no longer the case.

The prosecution case had been punctured by testimonies of several key witnesses and evidences strongly favouring Najib.

Testimonies & Evidences

In Najib-SRC trial, testimony by 48-year-old Joanna Yu Ging Ping, Ambank’s ex-relationship manager, proved that fugitive business Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, was the main culprit and manipulator of Najib’s private accounts.

This was backed by a transcript of BBM messages derived from a Blackberry cellular phone seized from Joanna Yu during a raid by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) at the Ambank branch in Jalan Raja Chulan on July 6, 2015.

That vital digital evidence was hidden by the prosecution from the court’s knowledge.

However, the diligent defence team managed to get hold of the evidence and produced it in the court.

The transcript revealed an exchange of messages between Joanna Yu, the prosecution’s 54th witness of the trial and who was the person fully in-charge of managing Najib’s private and credit accounts in Ambank, and Jho Low.

The transcript dated March 22, 2013 revealed that Jho Low has instructed Joanna Yu not to ever to inform or forward any information or details, including bank statements, to Najib or the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) about the former premier’s accounts in Ambank.

She duly abide by Jho Low’s instructions.

Joanna Yu admitted that Jho Low was in control of every financial manipulations involving accounts belonging to Najib and SRC International.

She hinted Najib had no knowledge about Jho Low’s scam.

In the current Najib-1MDB Trial, Datuk Amhari Effendi Nazaruddin, the ex-special officer of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, admitted that Jho Low was a master schemer and manipulator.

Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd (IPSB) managing director Datuk Dr Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman testified that Najib was shocked and upset upon learning someone had transferred RM42 million into his Ambank private accounts without his knowledge.

Testimonies of former Civil Servants’ Pension (KWAP) former chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Azian Mohd Noh, ex-Secretary to the Federal Cabinet, Tan Sri Mazidah Abdul Majid and several witnesses from the treasury department were strong enough to confirm that Najib never abused his power to secure government guarantees to secure the KWAP’s RM4 billion loan for SRC International.

Arab Donations

The Najib-SRC Trial confirmed that the RM2.6 billion that Pakatan Harapan (PH) accused Najib of stealing from 1MDB, was indeed an Arab donation.

Ex-Ambank managing director, Cheah Tek Kuang testified that he had assisted Najib to open the private accounts to facilitate transfers of the political donation from Saudi Arabia in 2011.

Cheah told the court he had officially informed then BNM Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz about it.

Zeti had given the green light for Najib to receive the funds.

Cheah had also submitted to Zeti copies of two official letters from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom in 2011 confirming the cash gifts to Najib.

Najib had duly followed the procedures to receive the Saudi political donation. Didn’t he?

Joanna Yu also told the court that Najib’s Arab donation was a common knowledge in the banking sector.

There was no secrecy and BNM knew about it from day one.

The case investigation officer Rosli Hussain also confirmed the donation.

The court also heard from Rosli and other key witnesses that Najib had returned large amounts of unutilised funds to the Arab donor via the same sender’s account.

Rosli’s original recommendation was to charge SRC International’s ex-CEO Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd’s (IPSB) finance director Datuk Abdul Aziz Ismail.

All three were allegedly involved in transferring funds in and out of various bank accounts, including Najib’s private accounts in Ambank.

Bank documents produced as evidences in court showed that RM27 million and RM5 million were deposited into Najib’s accounts on December 26, 2014, while another RM10 million was transferred into Najib’s account on February 10, 2015.

Nik Faisal

The Najib-SRC Trial revealed that SRC International’s former CEO Nik Faizal Ariff Kamil was a main executioner of Jho Low’s manipulation.

Jho Low’s friend Nik Faisal was authorised to fully manage Najib’s Ambank accounts.

Former SRC director Datuk Suboh Md Yassin’s signatures were found forged in many bank documents submitted by Nik Faisal.

Ambank branch manager R. Uma Devi revealed the duplication, which was later proven by a defence’s slide show conducted in the court room.

But both Nik Faisal and Jho Low were not hauled up to testify!

Delusional Perception

Since end of 2014 until today, PH, led by the mercurial Tun Mahathir Mohamad, has misled the people to assume that Pekan MP Najib was a “crook.”

PH leaders conducted an aggressive campaign, cluttered by malicious lies, half-truths and half-lies, to exploit and transform 1MDB’s cash flow problems into a misappropriation of public funds.

For over 5 years, they falsely depicted the nation’s 6th Prime Minister (PM6) as a “thief, robber and bandit” who had cheated to loot public money through 1MDB.

Their successful “end justifies the means” campaign knocked the long-serving Barisan Nasional (BN) off its perch in Putrajaya the 14th General Election (GE14) and, installed PH as the new federal government and Mahathir, the former PM4, as PM7.

Post-election, since PH had overused the 1MDB shibboleth to oust BN, Mahathir had no other choice but to charge Najib to maintain his vindictive public perception game.

Had Najib not charged, the public perception would have drastically gone against Mahathir and PH.

But now the trials have began to convince the people that Najib was a victim of financial manipulation and political persecution.

Many people are beginning to believe that Najib was not the cheater who stole the people’s money.

It seems he was cheated and manipulated by those whom he entrusted with responsibilities and accountability, hence a victim of CBT.

As more truths emerge, Mahathir and PH may been been trapped in a Catch 22 situation, thanks to their own game of delusional perception.

They could pay a heavy price for it. – 16 September 2019.


  1. Insha allah the truth will prevail. We all pray for him to come back and serve this great country again and help all kind of people of all relegious beleive as a true muslim follow the teaching of Al Quran.

  2. Yes what a great fairy tale you have concoted.
    It seems that the whole world is telling lies, except DS Najib Razak. Hello he has stealing from the people since the death of his father.
    Not only him, the whole UMNO gang. Bunch of crooks.

    • WOI!… AAthi shankar….. Your writing about najib not stealing anything frm rakyat mlaysia money…. He just use jholo n other stupid monkeys to TAKE IT ONLY… SOUNDED LIKE DIRTY… SMELLY TAIRU N DOSA… that u slurpp everyday lah dey… PARAPONDA RE MAIRE! PODDAH…!

  3. The people who commenting is next pm.The court knows who is wrong.57 witness…all wrong?where is jho low as witness?The main theives.Without him in the court,there is no way najib can be charge.m not siding najib,but as human.So stop commenting and do own work is better.

  4. Stupid opinion lah…oi he is the PM lar..every single thing he conttols..all Kementerian and authorities under him can advise lar…what a stupid PM thn cn be easily cheated…Those ppl SRC..1mdb..JohLow…under him.. the macai to follow the instruction..

  5. Rubbish statement from psychosickness people. Najib is a victim of manipulations and he is not aware. Najib being cheated and he is not aware. Najib spend millions of money from his account and he is not aware… Bullshitt.

  6. If a man can manipulate one thing likewise he can continue to manipulate again in anything if you choose to believe him. That donation is questionable even with the official letter from the Saudi Kingdom.

    • I am sure Najib’s nab watching who is writing what,
      So nasi ayam for the supporters of Najib,
      And for others,anything possible in bolehland planet Malaysia.

  7. Most of the comments here are unintelligent…. Mostly using their cock head. The court will based on evidences n testmonies. Use ur brain and not ur cock head before u comment anything here…..

  8. you believe in what you want to believe… seems to be ahead of the trial……you the All knowing?

    • What a joke….. You too believe in what you want to believe…. you too seems to be ahead if the trial…. but sad to say…. You know nothing.

  9. So, literally billions in Najib’s private bank account, his son-in-law bankrolls movies for hundreds of millions, his wife spending tens of millions on luxury items and the defense is “I didn’t know”.

    “Victims” don’t end up with all the money, they have money taken from them. Depressing how desperately people try to hold on to be the idea Najib wasn’t involved.

  10. As a prime minister and Finance minster how can you let people cheat and manipulated so easily. His brain seems to make of cow dund. Why he open so many accounts in order to facilitate the illegal funds from every source. Even a 3 years old kid will asked his parents how come suddenly so much monies flow into my accoint. The writer must be a crook paid by undesirable person to write this article. It is contempt of court as the trail is on going.

  11. money transferred to najib’s account.. and he is the victim? why would anyone transfer a big amount of money to one that supposedly their conned victim?? what is the purpose? we knew for a fact that the SRC fund had gone to JL’s company account… why worry to transfer the money to Ajib account for no reason? might as well keep the money. there is no reason whatsoever to transfer even a penny to Najib account if the innitial plan is to siphon the money without the knowledge of Najib…. and how come you become a victim when money actually gone into your account. i would agree if it was the other way arround.

    • If you are lagi pandai you will end up in mental institution,
      You are living in planet Malaysia no other planet.
      No wonder these politicians keep stealing money from these idiot’s,
      And they say God will punish him,that’s it.booo-doooh!

  12. APA yg kauorang nak marah Kat writer ni. Tu opinion dia. Let’s court decide. Tapi one thing for sure….minyak masih Tak turun pagi…sebab manifesto bukan janji….

  13. Najib is a crook alright . Everyone who has dealings with him and the wife knew these. If he didn’t steal the money from 1MDB then where has the money gone to? During BN rule, he even rejected any proceeds from asset seizures in US, Switzerland and Singapore that clearly belonged to 1MDB. How come now under PH rule that money can be recovered and will be sent back to Malaysia? How can a person like him hold a high position again if he is so negligent and spendthrift in the first place ? Only idiots will bring him back again as if in this world there is no other capable person to hold the pm post.

    • Well,you are pandai and you are overqualified to live in Malaysia,
      Otherwise,you will go crazy very fast.

  14. Shall any CEO of the company claim he doesn’t know anything happen within his custodian of authority, responsibility and liability? The PM is CEO of the country! And he happily n greedily spent and serve all those “unknown gift” without hesitation!
    I think this writer think everybody is idiot, as him

  15. Jho low was not even present during the trial, by your logic, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, then Jho low is definitely innocent too! Why do you assume he was the cheater when he has not been proven to be so in court without defence? Fallacy in your logic is so big that you missed your own blind spot.

  16. Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!Hahahaha hahaha!!!!!

  17. Jangan peningkan kepala tuan/puan.. Kita tunggu saja keputusan Hakim Yg Ariff.. Everyone of us is free to give our views, the writer too. Dont be emotional if people do not agree with your judgement…

    Tunggu Keputusan Hakim.

  18. PH has successfully made Malaysians believe that Najib is guilty. Repeat the lies until people believe it is true. Look at all the emotional and hatred filled comments here. Even if the court has clear Najib’s name, people will still say he is guilty. Fitnah dah menang.

  19. If I translate to english would be rude, malay languages more sofr and tolerable. Just wanna say ‘kepala hangguk hang’

  20. Did you guys (those who keep saying Najib is guilty) follow the case? All of the significant facts are written and summarized in this article if you are lazy to read. The witnesses especially those who work int he bank involved has hinted that he has nothing to do with it. The Arab political donation is real as well. Go check your facts before commenting. You guys better stop believing everything that LIm Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng without simple due diligence

    • did he said he did not know JhoLow, but it turned out to be close to yhe family and often seen at his house?

  21. Let the legal court of law decide. Its the duty of the prosecution to prove beyound reasonable doubt to secure a conviction. The defense need only to raise a reasonable doubt to secure an acquittal. The burden of prove lies with the prosecution and due to the unintelligent approach by the prosecution to file in 40 over charges against Najib, the case become to complicated and a big burden to the public prosecutor to adduse evidence especially involving so much documets resulting to a lot of confusion by the prosecution. It became easy for the defence to punch a big hole in the case raising serious reasonable doubt, enough to secure an acquittal for Najib. In court heresay evidence has to be proven, and the absence of JLO to prove perception is vital in this case. I rest my case!!

  22. Is this write up not sub judice? Is this not written to influence the judgement? I would be surprised if this guy is not charged for contempt of court for obviously this article is passing judgement on Najib’s trial which is going on.

  23. haha.. all dapig idiot & PH kunyit feel hot already because the case did not go the way they wanted.. PH idiotic is so stupid… maybe they follow their stupid leader like iguana beng & mahataik..

  24. Wow….for 9 years Malaysia are rule by an imbecile PM …..and the best part is all his ministers and advisors are nimcompoop brainless dogs…….but how come they all become richer ?

  25. Those who really followed the progressed of both trials SRC n 1MDB only will know whether the writer is telling the truth or just a mere make ups.. Najibs name has been cleared by the prosecution own
    key witness! Get your facts right and stop talking using your dickheads! Go on and eat all the shits Atok, LGE n LKS fed u n feast your shitty brains .. Haha.

  26. Patience… let court decide. But whether Najib win or loose, some quarter will say “I told u” & some quarter will probably say the court being manipulated.. hahaha

    • What would you say?
      Even if Najib steal front of you, you wouldn’t have any oppinon,and you will wait gor court decision ?
      Next level bodoh !

  27. So funny this writer….lies among lies…unbearable!!!! Cant even read it to the end. Too disgusted with the behavour of Najib, keep blaming others for his mistakes. Be a fxxxing man and admit your own mistakes that may be ppl will be able to forgive you…

  28. What a joke this writer and so is CHIP!
    These two are really creating stories to syiok sendiri. KKKKKS bull shit!
    So far the evidences in court prove otherwise. Do waste our time to read ur rubbish.

  29. Cheater or cheated, no matter which role he was in, the ex-PM has participated and he is not innocent in all these, the world is not a fairy tale, no matter how much writer trying to sugar coat it.

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